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Purpose of Appalachian Home Catalog


The Christian Appalachian Project developed the new Appalachian Home catalog with many goals in mind. Our wonderful flagship selection of greenery in conjunction with a traditional mix of Appalachian foods in gift sets, books, toys, birdhouses, and much more makes this catalog a unique shopping experience. We found businesses based in the most impoverished region of our country: Appalachia. We focused on small to medium sized businesses with superior packaging and products, 7 of the 19 companies featured in Appalachian Home are located in distressed counties (with extreme poverty). Through this venture we are hoping to help these businesses grow, thus stimulating the economy in their area. All the while the proceeds from our sales are put back into our mission: helping children, families, the elderly and individuals with disabilities that live in extreme poverty in Appalachia. So, this catalog is full of products that give back three-fold, plus they are wonderful holiday gifts for your friends and family.


Mission Statement
Christian Appalachian Project


The Christian Appalachian Project is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian organization committed to serving people in need in Appalachia by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support through a wide variety of programs and services.

Guiding Principles:
I. To promote the dignity and self-worth of individuals by promoting self-help.
II. To practice and encourage good stewardship of and accountability for all of the resources entrusted to us.
III. To foster individual growth among staff, volunteers, donors and program participants.
IV. To live out and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ through all of our actions.
V. To foster open, honest and effective communication both inside and outside the organization.
VI. To involve the Appalachian people at all social and economic levels in developing a solution to poverty.


Who We Serve


Since 1964, CAP’s work has focused on promoting dignity and independence among Appalachian residents struggling against poverty. Family structure is preserved in order to make life better for citizens. The Appalachian region stretches from the northeast corner of Mississippi through the southwest corner of New York and in the hardest hit areas of the 13 states, more than 50% of children live in poverty. Through the prayers and generosity of CAP’s supporters, we have the opportunity to live out the Gospel each and every day.

Children and Their Families
Dedicated to serving the people of the Appalachian area by helping them to improve their lives by strengthening the family and the individual’s emotional /psychological /spiritual well being. We believe that through family life education, enrichment and counseling, we can make life better for children as well as adults, and strengthen the family unit.

Our goal is to assist with the needs of the elderly and to establish networks of professional interagency relationships that will sustain or rebuild the support systems necessary for worth while human living.

Regardless of the disability, each person has the right to reach his/her full potential in the least restrictive environment. To support this belief, we will support them to become self-advocates. Center-based and in-home respite services are committed to providing periodic care to families and family members with disabilities for reasons of relief. We will seek to work in collaboration with other agencies and CAP programs in order to offer the most comprehensive services and choices to those we serve, fostering educational and recreational, and spiritual opportunities.

For more information regarding the work and service of Christian Appalachian Project please go to www.christianapp.org or contact us at:

The Christian Appalachian Project
PO Box 55911
Lexington, KY 40555-5911
Fax: (859) 269-0617
Toll Free: 1-866-270-4CAP (4227)

For general informational needs contact us online at: capinfo@chrisapp.org

For individuals requesting information on volunteering opportunities with CAP contact us at: volunteer@chrisapp.org